We create more than just automated visitor record books, we help you connect the dots in disease surveillance

Be Seen Be Safe Be Seen Be Safe

Product Offerings

Be Seen Be Safe - Disease Monitoring

Be Seen Be Safe

Record and analyze movement data between farm properties

Be Seen Be Safe - Farm Health Monitor

Farm Health Monitor

Real-time monitoring of livestock and poultry during transport for improved animal welfare

Be Seen Be Safe - Transport Genie

Transport Genie

Real-time monitoring of livestock transport for improved animal welfare

Available as a suite of integrated cloud-based solutions

Built on top of our infrastructure and core services, the Be Seen Be Safe suite incorporates various cloud-based solutions.

Trusted Globally

We have thousands of farmers using our platform in multiple countries.

Data Visualization

We can help visualize and analyze the data that is collected from our system.

Easy to Use

Apps and dashboards are user friendly


We have a strong customer support team to help you answer your questions quickly.

Farm Health Monitor Farm Health Monitor

We host your data on secure cloud servers

  • We offer various cloud services (AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean)
  • Using best practices in data security
  • Use our API for data analysis
  • Your end-to-end solution for a perimeterless world

There's no software to deploy or infrastructure to maintain

Our solution can automatically monitor your properties in real-time and does not require human intervention to collect data. We have advanced analytical tools, can aggregate data from multiple non-related systems across geo-political boundaries and can include an automated alerting process to provide advanced warning.

1,750 +

Properties fenced


Countries Served

100,000 +

Geofenced Activated


Years in Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is a geofence?

A geofence is a virtual boundary remotely established around a property using satellite technology. There is no physical fence. Geofences can be made in any shape and size and can be placed anywhere.

Q Who can see my property visits?

Only you can see your personal record of property visits and you have access to these through a password protected secure login. Provided you keep your login details private, you are the only person who can see your individual movements.

Q What happens when someone enters or exits a Be Seen Be Safe geofence?

When a person carrying a Be Seen Be Safe enabled device crosses a geofence, a signal is created that notifies the property owner stating who has entered or exited their property. For example "The veterinarian has arrived on the property" and "The veterinarian has left the property."

This automatically creates a record of all registered visitors to the property.

The system also sends a notification message to the person carrying the device from the Be Seen Be Safe registered property. For example, "Welcome to Rosedale Farms" and "Thank you for visiting Rosedale Farms."

Q Why do I need the Be Seen Be Safe app?

Disease in agriculture costs the industry and taxpayers billions of dollars per year. After a serious outbreak many businesses don’t survive and consequently many jobs are lost. It is in all of our best interests to keep the livestock industry healthy.

By having this free app on your device you are making a major contribution to controlling the spread of disease.

Q Will the app drain my phone battery?

No, the app runs in what is known as adaptive mode. This means when you are nowhere near a geofence it 'sleeps' – this feature protects the life of your battery.

Q Does the message cost me anything on my phone bill?

No, the SMS message that Be Seen Be Safe sends are so small you won’t notice any difference on your cell phone account.

Q The app doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Is it working?

The app is "passive" (it doesn't "do" anything you can see). To check to see if you are logged in, open the Be Seen Be Safe app and click on the status button.

Q Is Big Brother watching me?

No, your movements are not detectable by the system unless you are crossing a Be Seen Be Safe geofence.

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